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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where does the time go?

With my husband finally having so time at home, I have some time to work. While he is taking our daughter out on runs with him I am working on new designs and our website. Since I don't know when everything will be finished with the website and ready for launch I have set up shop in http://www.etsy.com/. The store name on Etsy is, of course, Baby Battle Rattle. I will post products there until further notice, and as always if you want to do a special order we are more than happy to accommodate. Below are some new pictures of things I've been working on!

The top picture is the USMC monogram washcloth, the middle picture is of our Big Squares USMC stroller blanket, and the last picture is our Army ACU boys hooded bath towel. (And yes, I had my USMC baby girl pose in the boys Army bath towel.)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Army & Navy & Marines...Oh my!

This past week I went to a local fabric store. I had intended to find some cute fabric to make my daughter a dress when I discovered that this store sells MARPAT, ACU, and the Navy's new cammies material by the spool! I'm so excited that I'll be able to start working on designs for ALL the branches little bundles and not just my fellow Marine babies.

I finished our first "official" order for a boys Marine desert/blue stripe stroller blanket last week as well. A great friend of my husband and mine ordered a stroller blanket for his friends son. I am so happy that I can start getting some of our products out there to people. If any of you have something that you would like to order I will be happy to personally get it out to you and work with you. You can email us at babybattlerattle@yahoo.com. Our product list so far is as follows:

(A boys USMC desert/blue stripe stroller blanket and the front/back of my daughters binkey sling)

*girls USMC desert or woodland/pink stripes stroller or receiving blanket
*girls Army ACU/pink stroller or receiving blanket
*boys USMC desert or woodland/blue stroller or receiving blanket
*boys Army ACU/blue stroller or receiving blanket
*girls Navy cammies/pink stroller or receiving blanket
*boys Navy cammies/blue stroller or receiving blanket
*girls USMC, Army, or Navy pink washcloth & hooded bath towel
*boys USMC, Army or Navy blue washcloth & hooded bath towel
*girls & boys personalized binkey sling

WOW...it looks like so much more now that I've typed it all out! Things are still moving along and we just ordered our first batch of business cards. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend and was able to enjoy it with their families, and for those of you with loved ones who are deployed they (and you) are in our prayers!